Monday, March 19, 2012

Easy Abstract

This year I've been a little more experimental...playing with abstract a little bit.

For these little colorful pieces I used.

1) two small wooden frames (mine were two dollars each at a second hand store)
2) acrylic paint
3) clear nail polish

The frames had a hard cardboard back that laid flush against the frames. I painted the cardboard white and then went to town squeezing tubes or acrylic paint on it. Since it's acrylic it dried within a few hours. Instead of matte I wanted it to have a glossy look. Rather than buying a spray gloss i bought a cheap bottle of clear nail polish and spread it generously over both pieces. The only down side is that the nail polish gives the painting a strong smell for a while but that fades.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Old Window Blackboard

It's been said I have a real eye for junk and it's true. 
I have a bad habit of picking up things out of the garbage... 

So when my boyfriend drove by this old window in the (shock) garbage a couple weeks ago I made him turn around.....much to his disappointment (he thinks i'm going to end up on hoarders).

Anyway I sanded this baby down, took off the glass and the boyfriend spray painted it with chalk board paint. It actually came out pretty nicely don't you think? The spray paint seems to be pretty durable as well which was a nice surprise.

This garbage is now displayed on the kitchen wall.